User Accounts

You have the option to create additional user accounts for anyone you’d like to manage payment requests and create campaigns. Each user account can be assigned 1 of 3 privilege settings.

How to create a New User

Step 1:  Select the User Accounts link in the left navigation bar.

Step 2:  Click the ‘+ New account’ button.

Step 3:  Complete the user details. Enter an email address, select how you want to manage the password, and the account access type. Click ‘Submit’.

Account types:

  • Accounting: Has capability to view and export payment and customer information, but no capability to send payment requests.
  • Administrator: Has access to all the Paysley functions and can see all activity
  • Sales: Has capability to send payment requests and create social media campaigns, but no capability to view and export payment and customer information.

TIP:  To edit, reset and password, or delete any user account simply select the relevant action icon on the user account list.
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