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Paysley is a complete inventory management system. You can load products and services, select to manage stock, and easily create itemized invoices to send to your customers—everything you can do on other invoicing platforms, but just more straightforward.

How to load your products and services

Creating an invoice or a payment request is the same action in Paysley. Both are payment requests with their unique payment page. The only difference is when you choose to attach or create a printable invoice (pdf, tiff, or jpg) to the payment request.

Step 1:  Go to your My Products & Services section by clicking the link on the left navigation bar.

Step 2:  Click the + New Products or Services button.

Step 3:  Complete the product or service detail and click Save.

Tip: Use product categories to make it easier to find and manage your products

How to Import & Export your Inventory

Paysley supports CSV and XLS file format imports. For your convenience we already created template files you can download to setup for import.

  • Do not change or remove the column headings in the template files.
  • Do not use any custom formatting

Step 1:  Go to your My Products & Services section and click the Import button. Download the template file you prefer to use or, click here for the CSV template and click here for the XLS template.

Step 2:  Prepare your data file from the template you downloaded. Make sure you enter data in the correct format. Incorrectly formatted entries will result in an error when you import the file.

If you wish to Export your products & Services, simply click the Export button and select your prefered file type.

Managing your Inventory

You can view and manage all your products and services from your My Products & Services section.

In your My Products & Services section, you will find a list of all your products and services. From the list, you can:

  • Click on the product name to view the detail of that product or service
  • Click on the Actions icon (3 dots) to Edit or Delete your listed product or service
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