How to create Campaigns.

Paysley campaigns allow you to sell products and services or raise funds for any cause. You can create and manage an unlimited number of fully customizable campaign pages. Your customers or campaign audience can access a campaign page by scanning a QR code and clicking a link on a webpage or email. You can share a campaign directly on your social media accounts.

Create a new Campaign

Step 1:  Access your campaigns by selecting the "Create a Campaign" tab on your dashboard or click the "My Campaigns" link in teh left navigation bar.

Step 2:  Fill the required fields and making your prefered selections to create your campaign:

Reference Number: Create a reference number of your choosing to track payments made to this link.

Image Gallery: Add multiple images that can be used in your requests. To fill the image box, use a 16:9 aspect ratio. Images can be cropped directly from the Image Gallery.

Listing Expiration Date: Set the date that your payment link becomes invalid.

Message: This typically shows on your social media page and is accompanied by your payment link.

Images: Include an image in your campaign.

Product/Donation/Service Name: Specify the name of the product, donation or service you are taking payment for.

Fixed Amount: Selecting ‘Yes’ allows you to specify the amount you would like to accept from customers or donors. Selecting ‘No’ will allow your customer to specify their own amount.

ApplePay & Google Pay: If Apple Pay and/or Google Pay are enabled on your account, select ‘Yes’ to make this an available payment option.

Category: On the payment page, this will display whether your campaign is for a product, donation or a service.

Price: When a fixed amount is set, this will set the price of your item, service, or donation.

Use Target Amount? [donations only]: When a target amount is set, this amount will display on the campaign page along with a progress bar showing the total amount raised.

Make Donors Visible?: (Donations only) When donors are visible,

Description: Displays on your payment page under the Product/Donation/Service Name.

Additional Info Fields: Add a text field for additional information (e.g. “Terms and Conditions”).

Additional Textbox Fields: Add a field allowing your customer to provide text input (e.g., special delivery instructions).

Additional Dropdown Fields: Add a field allowing your customer to pick an option from a dropdown box (e.g. T-shirt size).

Adding custom fields to your Campaign payment page.

Clicking the plus sign (+) beside Additional Info Field(s) adds an additional info box. This does text does not change and does not allow customer input. For example; Instructions. To add an additional Info field, click the plus sign (+) again.

Clicking the plus sign (+) beside Additional Textbox Field(s) adds a custom text box which your customer or donor can fill in. Type in the textbox field a sample of how the information will be displayed. For example; Name: First and Last Name. To add an additional Textbox field, click the plus sign (+) again. You may make the information optional or required. Choose if you want to make the information optional or required.

Clicking the plus sign (+) beside Additional Dropdown Field(s) adds a Dropdown header category. Type in a list of words, each separated by a comma with spaces, to appear in the dropdown box. For example, Size: Small,Medium,Large. Choose if you want to make the information optional or required.

Step 3:  Click the "next" arrow at the bottom right and complete your prefered options on page 2 of the setup wizard.

  • Phone Number to use: If you have more than one number, you can select the number you want to use when sending payment receipts by text.
  • Send MMS Receipt: Selecting “Yes” will send a receipt to your customer or donor in your choice of .pdf, .jpg, or .png file format.
  • Donor Information: Choose whether or not to display Donor or Sponsor Information on the Payment Landing Page (Public)
  • Customer Information: Toggle to YES if you want to collect the customer's information. You can edit the field you would like to collect.
  • Allow Customer to set Quality:  Toggle to YES if you want to allow the customer to buy multiple quantities.
  • Shipping Information:  Selecting “Yes” will require the following information from your customer: phone number, name, country, street address, and zip code.
  • Attach receipt on email: (If email was selected for the payment request) Selecting “Yes” will attach the receipt to the email.
  • Apple Pay: Select NO or YES
  • Google Pay: Select NO or YES
  • Tax Profile: If you wish to use a Tax profile, select the Tax Profile you previously created.

Step 4:  Click the "next" arrow at the bottom right. Confirm your settings and SUBMIT.

You can access and manage your campaigns by clicking the "My Campaigns" link on the left navigation bar.

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