Shopping Cart Plugins

Before you can use any Paysley payment plugin, you will need an Access Key to connect the plugin with our Paysley API. Suppose you do not already have a registered Paysley user account with an activated merchant account. In that case, we recommend you first register your account at, and then proceed to create a developer account on

After setting up both accounts, you will then create an access key, connect your app to Paysley, and Paysley to your shopping cart.

Creating an Access Key

The process for setting up your Paysley plugin is similar for all shopping cart platforms. You will need a Paysley access key to communicate between your merchant account and the Paysley API. Login to your Paysley developer account to request the access key. 

There are two types of Access Keys: a Development Access Key and a Production Access Key.

Connecting your App to Paysley

There are 3 ways to connect your App to your Paysley user account. 

Note: Before you begin, make sure that your App status is set to “Published” in the Paysley developer portal. If it is not, select the App you want to connect from the “My APPS” list, and then select “Application Settings” and set the “App Status” to Published.

Now you can proceed with any one of the 3 connection methods provided below. 

Option 1: Request connection from the developer account

Option 2: Request connection from the Paysley user account

Option 3: Use the token from the developer account

Connecting Paysley to your Shopping Cart

Paysley is continuously developing plugins for new ecommerce platforms and will be providing instructions for connecting with them as they roll out.

Connect Paysley with Magento here. View the user guide here.

Connect Paysley with Woocommerce here.

Connect Paysley with OpenCart here.

API Integration

Paysley’s core features can be integrated into your software services with our API. API documentation showing functions, operations, and implementation notes can be found here.

Paysley Developer Account

A Paysley developer account enables you to create Paysley apps and integrate them with you or your client’s Paysley account.

Register a Paysley Developer account here.

Application Manager

To utilize Paysley’s API capabilities, first create a Paysley developer account, create a new application to obtain a token, and use the token to connect the application to your Paysley account.

You can also invite a developer to connect their application by following the steps below.

Invite Developer to Connect Application

Quickbooks Integration

Paysley allows you to export your payment history directly into Quickbooks. When a payment history is received in Quickbooks, it creates an invoice and marks it as paid.

For a full guide on Quickbooks integration with Paysley, download the Quickbooks Online Integration Guide.