Mobipaid Scanner

Use your own device to validate Mobipaid payments in-person with the Mobipaid Scanner available in the App store and Google Play store.

How does it work?

After your customer makes a payment, they are immediately presented with a payment validation QR code. Using the Mobipaid Scanner app, you can scan this QR code to ‘validate’ the payment a maximum of one time. After the QR code has been scanned and validated, scanning the QR code again will show the error “Payment already validated”. This is designed to stop a single payment from being scanned multiple times for a single product or service being offered.

Setting up the Scanner

Anyone with 

Step 1: Connect your social media accounts.
Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Social Media Campaign’ page. From the Dashboard, click ‘Payment Request’ > ‘Social Media Campaign’.
Step 3: Select the social media platforms you wish to post your campaign(s) to.
Step 4: Fill in the fields to create your campaign.
Reference Number: Create a reference number of your choosing to track payments made to this link.

Listing Expiration Date: Set the date that your payment link becomes invalid.

Message: This typically shows on your social media page and is accompanied by your payment link.

Images: Include an image in your campaign. Learn how to upload an image below.

Product/Donation/Service Name: Specify the name of the product, donation or service you are taking payment for.

Fixed Amount: Selecting ‘Yes’ allows you to specify the amount you would like to accept from customers or donors. Selecting ‘No’ will allow your customer to specify their own amount.

Category: On the payment page, this will display whether your campaign is for a product, donation or a service.

Price: When a fixed amount is set, this will set the price of your item, service, or donation.

Description: Displays on your payment page under the Product/Donation/Service Name.

Additional Info Fields: Add a text field for additional information (e.g., “Terms and Conditions”).

Additional Textbox Fields: Add a field allowing your customer to provide text input (e.g., special delivery instructions).

Additional Dropdown Fields: Add a field allowing your customer to pick an option from a dropdown box (e.g., T-shirt size).

Add custom fields to your social media payment page.

Clicking the plus sign (+) beside Additional Info Field(s) adds an additional info box. This does text does not change and does not allow customer input. For example; Instructions. To add an additional Info field, click the plus sign (+) again.

Clicking the plus sign (+) beside Additional Textbox Field(s) adds a custom text box which your customer or donor can fill in. Type in the textbox field a sample of how the information will be displayed. For example; Name: First and Last Name. To add an additional Textbox field, click the plus sign (+) again. You may make the information optional or required. Choose if you want to make the information optional or required.

Clicking the plus sign (+) beside Additional Dropdown Field(s) adds a Dropdown header category. Type in a list of words, each separated by a comma with spaces, to appear in the dropdown box. For example, Size: Small,Medium,Large. Choose if you want to make the information optional or required.




Note how the fields appear in your social media posts above. View a sample campaign payment page here.

Uploading an Image

Mobipaid does not provide image hosting for social media campaigns. Instead, you can upload an image to a third-party host to obtain a link to your image which can use in your campaign.

Step 1: Find or create an image you wish to feature in your social media campaign. Minimum image size: 360px x 360px.

For optimal appearance, resize your image to the dimensions shown below for each social media platform. Please note that Facebook crops your image to the minimum size of 360px x 360px for a square image, or the recommended size below for a larger rectangular image.

Facebook – 900px x 470px
Twitter – 1024px x 512px
LinkedIn – 700px x 400px is a handy tool for resizing your image to the correct dimensions.

Tip: If you wish to use an image on multiple social media platforms, we recommended creating separate campaigns and sizing the image accordingly for each.

Sample image.

Step 2: Find an image host. Our preferred image hosting service is
Step 3: Upload your image. Click ‘Choose images’, find your image, and click ‘Choose’.
Step 4: Copy the Direct Link from your hosting service. Once the image is finished uploading, find the box labeled Direct Link and copy its contents.

Note: If you use any other link than the Direct Link for your image, your image may fail to appear in your campaign.

Step 5: Paste the direct link in the ‘Social Media Campaign’ page. In the merchant portal, open your social media campaign and paste the link in the ‘Images’ box.

Continue completing the ‘Social Media Campaign’ form.