How does it work?

Unlike other mobile payment solutions, Paysley does not require any registration or app download from the payer. Instead, you send payment requests directly to your customer by text message and email.

Each payment request has a short, customized message and a payment link which takes seconds for the customer to complete and send.

You never store card information or take card information over the phone, which makes your business more secure and compliant with credit card regulations. 


The Dashboard is your central hub for Paysley’s core functions. From here you can send a single payment request, create a campaign, create a subscription through recurring payments. You can also view payments received, manage your customers, create your business profile, create POS Link for debits and pre-authorizations, and see your payment summary. 

Paysley Dashboard

Setup Menu

The Setup Menu allows you to adjust the settings to administer your account. Click here for details on each account setting.

Customize your Paysley account

Main Menu

The Hamburger Menu located beside the Paysley logo at the top left corner of the page loads the Main Menu, where the core functions of Paysley can be accessed. From here you can send payment requests, view transaction history, manage account users, and more.

Paysley main navigation menu


Your notifications will appear in the menu with a bell icon on the top right side of the screen. Your notifications will alert you of any actions made within your account, including payments that have been received.

Payley activity notifications


Single Payment:  A payment request which accept a single, one-time payment from the customer or donor. Learn more.

Recurring Payment: A type of payment request which allows you to set up a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription payment for your customer. The customer receives a payment request for an initial payment, enters the card payment details and agrees to be billed automatically. Scheduled payments with no expiration date are defined as Type A payments. Scheduled payments with an expiration date are defined as Type B payments. Learn more.

Merchant: The business or non-profit taking payments from customers or donors.

Merchant Services: Enables a business to accept a transaction payment through a secure (encrypted) channel using the customer’s credit card, debit card, or NFC enabled device.

Template Name: Name for the message template you create. When creating your payment request, you will pick your message by the ‘Template Name’.